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      Investment Opportunity

William A. Baker originally expected Apostles, Members of the Ministry and the Body of Christ to be excited and eager to partner& invest with him and become a part of Apostolic Vision Entertainment Productions LLC.,  which is being converted into a C Corporation, Inc.  However that hasn't happened yet, because spiritual warfare is real and it is definitely in the church.  (2 Corinthians 11:13-15)  After much prayer, fasting  and supplication, by the authority of Abba, the door is now open for willing believers in Jesus Christ to invest and partner with Apostolic Vision Entertainment Productions. Thanking GOD for the gift of Creativity, we now have a huge amount of Powerful Faith-Based and Family Friendly film and television content to produce over the upcoming years, creating many jobs and opportunities in the entertainment business.

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If you were predestined to be a part of this growing Kingdom Corporation it will be.  You can also contribute to our Indiegogo (Click) Campaign



We are looking for investors and partners who are not afraid, who believe in the vision to entertain and educate while fighting evil, and restoring Hope and Faith in these last days.   GOD is the only Hope for our Nation and this present World. If seriously concerned in making a difference NOW, and interested in fighting for what we believe, let's connect.  There is really no time to waste!!

Founder - William A. Baker



Attorney - Sally Koenig


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